Okay, I pretty much want to rate myself as a programmer, developer. I used to. but now, I’d like to change this definitaion a bit…

So, I code for the living, now, and before, and still going. That’s right, I write software programs, websites, databases and things. This is prime of what I do to keep myself alive. Of course, this has been my wish since high school and I’m glad that I did not have to change it.

So I draw, not as much as many years ago when I had alot of time. Now I draw during meeting and presentation when I was sitting down there and that’s just try to keep myself awake. Oh well, that does bring much fun to me too. Just some comics and things that I see. pretty good to have these small bits & pieces in my meeting minutes.

So I design too, I design webpagees, flyers, printouts flash and things, I did 3D (quite sometimes ago) modelling and animations, pretty much tried as many as designers will touch. At first I was trying to kill some time, but then it became a part of my interest.. and some part of my job — web design.

So I play some music, yep, I have a electric guitar so I can play whatever songs I love when I want, I have to say I’m not very good in music but plyaing guitar does make me relax and enjoy my life.

So I ride bikes too, I love heavy bike and do go out for a ride sometime when I was back in Australia. It was fun to hang out with bunch of bike riders and go out for just a mid range ride in weekend. I’ll, get a heavy bike if possible in Taiwan too….(IF the goverment here allows me to own it…the stupid law says I cannot ride 250cc+ bike here because they treat me as foreigner…)

So I am a mac user too. I fall in love with mac right after I first owned a macbook, and I’ll be a mac user forever….

…I blog….well, obviously…

And….. if there’s more, this will be going on and on….