.DAmN iT.

I was about to say, shit. I’ve wasted another day.
Pretty much fucked…when I ran away from lecture room.
“But it was so boring!!!" I gave myself a perfect reason…just perfect enough for me to kill someone
And now what? marking around in school building .
Felt like to get drunk. I wanted to convince myself that this is not a bad idea, when I’m myself.
“So no one will ask me why I act differently." Still trying to explain to myself.
Perhapes, there’s something, some spot in my life that is missing.
So when I’m afternig all other things, I get lost so easy and return to the starting point.
Sounds like a dog that’s aftering its tail…this is bad.
Hated myself to feel weak.
The worst thing could happen is lose whatever I’m aftrering.
So why should I worry this much of nonsence.
Damn it. stop all the shit.
.DAmN iT.