as far as i realize, this life of mine ain’t gonna be better
I’ve no doubt that I’ll be mad at myself – someday – sooner or later.
I should not consider this much of what is going to happen to me.
but whenever i feel like to change something,
yeah, something has changed – in a way that i’ve never expected it to be.
that drives me nuts. Feeling that i’m wasting my life.
Maybe it’s just I’m trying to get something out of nothing.
I expected to much. I sure did.

Headache isn’t the only thing tonight – never gonna be so easy.
Now i’m blaming on whatever is out there, who is trying to mess with me.
Well listen up bro. I believe you win again, this time, tonight.
And I know you will win again and again til I spent.
I’ve given up any chances to resist……so now i wonder if god exist.
I used to believe – and if I still.
Please listen to me.
There’s someone, here, right here who need your help so bad.
You can just listen and leave me as now, as I am, I pray.
I just needed someone to talk to, to share my pain.