yep, so my time these days are pretty much filled,
house moving tuesday, all family stuff were moved except my thing. Now scattered on my room floor and i ain’t got any idea how to deal with them. I don’t know if somehow I will have the habit of throwing everything away but now days I don’t feel like i need anything at all….
So I’m still staying in old house, living with myself, feel good, when the house is so empty. I could singing alone lound no one will throw their bone at me.

Nearly die hungry two days ago because fridge was gone. Sounds kind of scary – i didn’t want my sister come oneday to pick up her books found me lying on floor. She aint gonna give a damn i guess? well just kidding, she will just drag me out of the house and leave me in garden? well ….. this is still kidding…

Internet was disconnected yesterday, great, now everything is pretty much fucked here, and just last night, phone line was gone. All I have with me is a pc and a laptop. I hope electrition will remain until i move off… can only hope for that…

It is about 5pm, great, i can leave work now! so….heading to school? just want to go home and sleep. good to do nothing in a empty house. real good.