more bullshit

I thought things could be simpler, I was right; things are turning out really simple. Can’t think, can’t plan, and can’t organize; even when I fall in sleep. My dream was blank.

These days, for me, it is really simple. Working day time; stay home doing nothing at night. I don’t know how long I can last for this kind of life, but I’m trying to get used to it. At least I know what I’m doing this for. For money, for founds to buy my motorbike. I am not asking much. But I want to live my life, simple as that.

Have been spending some time looking up magazine and web. Trying to find out how to get financial when buying a street bike. These things aint easy for I don’t have much money. If I am a rich guy then no more shits like this. Okay if I’m rich. JUST IF.

Some how, I had a thought, even if I’m rich. Then what would I want? Apart from motorbike, I can’t think of what to buy or what to goal. Somehow am afraid that one day I won’t know what I want that I’ll kill myself for boring life. Just trying to feed myself. that’s almost enough for now. (BUT, never give up chances to be rich. Bare in mind that money is always our good friend…..).

So I have to take back my word before. I did have dream, about girl friend I used to have. This was really ridicules; I still miss her lips even now. I was the one asking to breakup, I know I shouldn’t have done so but, ain’t no matter now. Not sure how will I treat next girl. Hell wait, this sounds so evil, okay it is time to break this stupid topic.