about my progress of programming…

It is somehow funny, I hate being relational when designing db schema. When I was doing J2EE subject last semester, using Container managed Relation. I sudden realized that I’m not a
relational kinda person. That’s pretty bad as for a developer’s view, however, J2EE is great to solve my problem without getting hands dirty by being relational. But then after J2EE, when I back to work doing my ASP .NET and MSSQL db. I tend to be *really* relational when trying to design a db schema.Ever since when my database has so many table because I decompose in such detail. So I’m missing J2EE. Every time I’m writing query, creating objects and writing db wrapper about a decomposed table. I thought of doing this in J2EE can save me alot of time debugging.

Great, you can’t have everything in life. Sometimes I thought of changing career to Java, often it’s just a thought. But It surprised me thought. I mean, .NET is good and easy approach all that. I really like the way it is fast productive and pretty easy to learn. But I felt not so satisfied with that, and I felt I’m not doing anything at all. In terms of production it is good because
you save alotta of time by doing less programming(This is proberly why it is successful) and having to know less. In another side, dang, I hate to say that I end up learning nothing at all if everything is there, prewritten, in the box ready for you. I know I’m still a newbie in this industry – never enough knowledge for the fast peace.

Makes me think of 3 years ago when I was doing PHP, I wrote a huge website for a big project and learnt alot from it, yet now it still benefits me sometimes. I’m missing that feeling…..

Just some thought during work break —